SoF 17

"Woman seated at an easel"

Georges Braque, French Oil with Sandown canvas, 1936 "Woman seated at an easel"

"Eyes don't lie"

The silhouettes, shapes and structures got my attention when I started to make this collage. Notice how the red dress is presenting itself strongly like an epitome of life feeding…

"Home on the range"

William Kurenek,Art gallery of Ontario AGO Toronto "Home on the range", 1967 and "The section Foreman's wife", 1966

Collage ”Red carpet green challenge”

Red carpet outfits has been challenged by the sustainable development that started to take place also in fashion industry. Red carpet will take the road toward the green carpet in…

“La botella“

Art inspiration: Recycle by Jose Manuel Capuletti

“The Camp“

Thank you CommedesGarcons to remind us about "The Camp". We are so happy to discover Notes On "Camp" by Susan Sontaghi, published in 1964.

Picasso & Laironov

Harlequin, 1923 Character from a furenal march for a rich aunt, 1919

”Seven wasted men“


by Alexander Archipenko, Ukraine Lacma, Los Angeles Gouache and mixed media on paper

“The disks”

by Fernard Leger, 1918 Los Angeles CMA

“Undreground series”

by Siamak Filizadek, Underground series, digital art, collage Los Angeles County Museum of Art

"Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase“

Vincent van Gogh, Dutch oil on canvas, Metropolitan musem of NYC

”July 14, 1789“

handmade paper collage mixmedia by Simona Lampe, 2017


by Jos Manuel CapulettiSpanish (1925 - 1978)

“Dresseur d'animaux“

by Francis Picabia,French, 18791953Dresseur d'animaux (The Animal Tamer), 1923 (inscribed "1937")paint on canvas,250 x 200 cmCentre Pompidou, Muse national d'art moderne, Paris. Purchase, 1998

Collage: “Facebook friends“

handmade paper collage mixmedia by Simona Lampe, 2017

“Objects on table“

by Patric Henry Bruce oil on canvas, 1920 Metropolitan art museum, NY

“Symphony of the modern west“

by Gregorij Perusek, 1927/28 oil on canvas, Gallery of modern art, Ljubljana

Collage “Personal Growth“

paper collage mixmediaby Simona Lampe, 2016


by Peggy Bacon, 1925, print This print depicts a group of art students sketching from a nude model at the Whitney Studio Club on West Fourth Street in Manhattan. The…

“Promontory Palace“

by Yves Tanguy, 1931, oil on canvas The power of Tanguys imagery derives from the delicate tension he creates between the logic of sensation and the freedom of imagination.

“Upward (Empor)“

Vasily Kandinsky 1929, oil on cardboard Peggy Guggenheim collection, Venice Geometric shapes and sections of circles combine in Upward in a structure suspended in a field of rich turquoise and…


Philip Guston, 1969 oil on canvas Art inspiration: Life is a comedy

“Obsessions & delusions“

Paper collage, mixmedia by Simona Lampe, 2017 Inspiration: Mental health awarness problematic

“Gray scramble“

by Frank Stella, 1969, oil on canvas Stellas early works, such as Gray Scramble, react against the loose, gestural and loaded brushstroke associated with Abstract Expressionism.


by John Tunnard, 1938 Psi is the twenty-third letter of the Greek alphabet. In quantum mechanics it denotes the time-position of the wave particle. It appears here three times. The…

“Eyes in the heat”

by Jackson Pollock, 1946 Oil and enamel on canvas,part of Sounds in the Grass, a series of seven canvases Guggenheim musem, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice

“43% correct, 46% false”

by Bernard Frize, French painter Acrylic and resin on polyester, 2001 Staedl Museum, Frankfurt

”The Kiss”

by Max Ernest, Guggenheim Collection,Venice The centralized, pyramidal grouping and the embracing gesture of the upper figure in The Kiss have lent themselves to comparison with Renaissance compositions, specifically the…

“Two women with the washbasin, the sisters“

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1913 oil on canvas, Staedel Museum, Frankurt

“Birth of Liquid desires”

by Salvador Dali,1931, oil and collage on canvas

“Staircase VII“

by Jean Dubuffet, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Contemporery art gallery, Venice


by Jean Hellion, 1933/34 oil on canvas, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice


Illustration, mix media by Simona Lampe Hand illustration of jungle fight is digitally upgraded with the creations from Loewe AW 2016 RTW collection.


by Oliver Marčeta, 1998

“Painting No. 6“

V. S. Gaitonde, Painting No. 6, 1962

“Woman and Little Girl of Constantine”

byThodore Chassriau Oil on Wood,Museum of Fine Arts, Houston


paper collage mixmedia, by Simona Lampe, 2016

“Gucci Creatures"

illustration, mix media collageby Simona Lampe

”Pipe, Glass, Bottle of Viex Marc”

Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice Paper collage, charcoal, India Ink, printer's ink, graphite, gouache on canvas

“Dynamic Suprematism“

Inspired by art work of Kazimir Malevic: Dynamic Suprematism, 1915/16 oil on canvas, Tate, Gallery of modern art, London

“The Jewish Angel“

Inspired by art work of Giorgio de Chirico (18881978): The Jewish Angel, 1916, oil on canvas, Metropolitan Museum, New York

“Portrait of Marie Antoinette“

Inspired by art work of Louise Élisabeth Vige Le Brun: Marie Antoinette en chemise, 1738, portrait of the queen in a "muslin" dress.