Husband's or secretary's opinion about your style is bias. Skip it.

SoF 17

Choose one of your favorite clothes and re-style it up to 17-times.

Why 17? Our inspiration are United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, which consist of 17 ambitious targets for our bright future. We all should participate in achieving them. Restyling means less consumption & less pollution, so don't hesitate to join us 💪♻️

“Use Style as a weapon to express Yourself and your Vision!“

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The more you read SoF the more SoF - isticated you'll become. It's in your power to change fashion practice and perception too!

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Fashion revolution starts with simple question: "Who made your clothes?" 

Here comes the rain again! It washes me over with longing... Desires, expectations, eagerness. An explosion of yearning.  Let it wash away the dirts of the world.   

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Summer rain, part III