Creative & sustainable approach

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 ”DON'T ALL OF YOUR OLD CLOTHES  irritate you into thinking of a more creative approach than simply re-selling, donating or throwing them away?

Fashion is the no. 2 polluting industry in the world, second only to the oil industry. Did you know that only 10% of donated clothes find their way to poor people? The others are disposed of anyway.

Because each one of them has its own story. Clothing is about expressing your soul, mind, character. It is meant to grow with you. To stick around and change alongside. With the fast fashion industry’s offering, tempting, and bottom-end prices many of you sadly forget that. What we see is a copy-paste style regrettably emerging all over the world. Those buying cheap no-names are among the worst fashion victims. 

I wish all of you could take it personally. To become responsible. Creative, unique. Step by step. For developing a life-time wardrobe-partner, re-styling with re-designing is urgent. Let’s use our old clothes, re-cycle, re-create them. Speaking romantically, let’s write their stories. Clothes with stories. Roll it over and over. Yours, your boyfriend’s, mom’s, dad’s, grandpa’s, grandma’s… 

And something of great importance to make this possible: start shopping consciously, that’s translated to qualitative items with a longer life-span. To wear it 50 times at least, before redesigning. It is called sustainability and it feels great. Plus you will participate in lower water pollution, less slave laboring, and smaller fields used by the textile industry, which is sadly contributing to more than 20% of fresh water pollution.

Above all, I am sincerely looking forward to a variety of styles on the streets coming back again, reflecting peoples’ energies and personalities.”  

Images represents the results of a my big eco fashion project Rewomen, I had done few years ago by up-cycling clothes of top business women.  The clothes donated was re-produced and re-sold back to the same owner after the fashionshow presentation. They were part of the photoshoot as fashion models too. It was exhausted project, yet amazingly inspiring.    

"Fashion as Industry may disappoint, but Fashion as Art should inspire."