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Two things happening right now. Big things. Especially this first one:

My late night routine is changing to morning. Never in my life I would had thought such improvement was possible. I’ve tried everything. Not even my motherhood hadn’t stopped the bad habit. Becoming a mother to twins enlightened me and push me to the limits with my organization and logistics. I soon realized I don’t have to be a supermom. Luckily. Yet I wasn’t lucky enough to be fixed over my “can’t wake up in the morning” disease.

By growing up my twin boys successfully channeled their wish for pet trough me. Yeah, we adopted a cat last year. Our soft cute little July is the reason I let myself get wake around 6 am and be able to stay awake, since I want to keep her inside the apartment so she avoid the dogs, who are being let out for the morning walk. Since she like to make noises to complain how bad is this for her, I stay awake to cuddle her. Crazy enough? We drink coffee together and enjoy the silence of the morning before the kids are up. Yay, I am super happy about it.

Second thing.

Also never would’ve had thought I would love to see myself with different eyes color. I had been experimenting with the hair color though. Unsuccessfully. My hair are so weak and dark, the damage of coloring them to brighten is enormous. The project “blondie” is waiting for my grey hair now. But eyes?

I adore my eyes honestly. Suddenly wanting to have the lighter color, I am quite confused what does that mean from the psychological point of view. It sure does project some shit, right? Haha. Am I in conflict with my inner-self? Have I become a different person? For sure I am changing and this eye thing goes along obviously. Anyway, I will try it. I have non “what will other say” dilemmas, whatsoever.

These two big things summarize into one vision of my future. I like to play a fortune teller sometimes, especially as I’ve been successful at some predictions already. I must start a serious business around my influencing role and later on include my design brand. Certain steps have to be climb and I finally have the power and energy to do it. Filling like I finally place myself onto the social wall of recognition. Not sure were I’ve been wandering for the last 2, 3 years, but like my astrologist said- you were stuck, you couldn’t do nothing about it.

Really???? Omg it sounds so scary… is fate written for all of us in advance?!? Like with all details, day by day, chapter by chapter, smile by smile,…????? Nah, I’m not biting. I cant, I have bigger things to do.

This wall of hands give me a buzz for social climbing. Do you feel me? Or was it because of Venice beach in LA, where this hotel is placed. One way or the other, I will have to start shaking and meeting all those hands. Watch that step/hands, folks!

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