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Trench UPcycle

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This post comes at the perfect timing when Burberry is all over the news revealing their unsustainable actions of burning unsold stocks. But hey, we all knew this. Haven’t you?!

What did you think luxury brands do with the majority of their excessive clothes? Sale them at minimum price? Up-cycle them? Unfortunately neither. And in this “Times up“ era it is barely understandable why there isn’t a marketing team who would pull this off and “win the public“. Imagine the promotion of such positive step, it would be hilarious. But NO. Still nobody.

We’ve been talking about eco and sustainability for 5 years or so now, believing the progress is evident. Shocking news of Burberry’s burning have proven us wrong.

Let’s wait. We still have hope and time. “Hello Burberry, Please send us all your unsold pieces for up cycling. Let's remodel coats to multicoats. We will split the income.“ 

Ah, anyway, let's just do this instead of Burberry. Upcycle their branded famous trench.
When we up-cycle coats there is always a playful thoughts of multifunction incorporation.

With this Burberry trench we did it at its maximum capability. The pictures disclose it best.
1. Three possibilities of sleeves on zipper: lace, tartan green, black
2. Two extra cape installation: black and lace
3. Extra collar installation: green leather
4. Extra layer all over the coat
5. Extra length by black band on zipper

To enable multiple options we inserted weather zippers or buttons. To sum it up: one coat result now into 8 possibilities by multifunction redesigning of the old “boring“ one.

“Burberry, hear us! You could earn even more by being sustainability! Isn’t that great!?“

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