“Promontory Palace“

Art inspiration: flowing forms and landscapes

8 days ago in SoF 17

by Yves Tanguy,

1931, Surrealism

oil on canvas, Guggenheim musem

Art inspiration: flowing forms and landscapes

“In the natural world such geologic metamorphosis would require intense heat and volcanic activity. Yet Tanguy’s restrained grays and muted pinks, accented with cool blue and pale green and yellow, deny the presence of fire and earth. Instead, Tanguy creates a Surrealist terrain where molten and frozen, figurative and abstract, literal and suggestive elements exist in perfect harmony. Tanguy’s use of a specific horizon line, his naturalistic modeling of forms, and his depiction of landscape evocative of an actual coastline, permit us a conceptual foothold in known experience. Yet our foothold gives way as Tanguy’s abstract shapes transform known experience into a familiar but irrational fantasy. The power of Tanguy’s imagery derives from the delicate tension he creates between the logic of sensation and the freedom of imagination.“ (read more)

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