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Madame Deficit

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THINK OF A FEMALE HISTORICAL character taken as a fashion inspiration. Possibly the largest number of editorials has involved the Austrian-born queen of France and Navarre (1774-1791), Marie Antoinette, child of Maria Theresa and known most for the phrase “Let them eat cake". However, there is no evidence as to the veracity of her statements. In fact, this is irrelevant when looking at her as a historical figure, and imagine her surprise if she were to know what she is today most famous for.

Marie Antoinette at the Tuileries Palace in 1790. Pastel by Alexandre Kucharski. Private collection.


During the reign of King Louis XVI, luxury was typically accompanied by high indebtedness and profligacy, which has been blamed on Marie, who was proclaimed as Madame Deficit. Nevertheless her fatal events spun tremendous ups and downs, leaving her expenditures and allegations of promiscuity in the historical seal aside.

by Jean-Baptiste Gautier Dagoty, Marie Antoinette, 1775, Versailles.

Art works selected by art historian Sara Mueller.


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