M. Antoinette, by S. Zweig (3)

Non-hero Queen

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 "Only in misery one realizes who he actually is." These are her words that summarize historical character.

by Adolf Ulrik Wertmueller:  Marie Antoinette in riding attire,  1788, Versailles, oil on canvas

"Half-proud, half-shocking words suddenly burst astonishingly from her mouth in the last hours of her life before beheading. Passing by the premonition that all the struggles of her average life were indeed a role model for her descendants.”

If on the one hand, an extraordinary person spontaneously or purposely seeks exceptional circumstances and wants to live dangerously, on the other hand, average people are inclined to a peaceful environment and quiet. Being externally forced to be immeasurably greater, you are without hesitation plunged into the suffering of a non-hero situation.

In the case of Queen Antoinette it turned around in the most shocking manner; from the imperial home to the dungeon, from the royal throne to the scaffold, from the golden carriage to carts, from luxury to poverty, from mass popularity to hatred, from triumph to defamation... History has succeeded in art, because the average Habsburg woman reached the tragedy rate of her personality which finally fit with her own great historic destiny.

Sarah Buton staged the Alexander McQueen AW 2015 collection at the Conciergerie in Paris, the vaulted dungeon where Marie Antoinette was held before being taken to the guillotine. The very last moments before its petals begin to drop are when a rose is at its most beautiful…

"How incredible the history can creates maximum tension of only puff pastry, … queen Marie is the most beautiful example."

"When you're buying clothes, consider them for life-time. Unless you're not buying."