Love affair

Me & Juliet

16 days ago in SoF choice

You know that feeling when you see a person, for whom you question your own style? When you suddenly want to change a style because you abnormally love this person's appearance. Could we define it as a personal fashion disorder?

I am not talking about Madonna or Michael Jackson, two of my favorite pop artists. Nor Sharon Stone after Basic Instinct on the screen in femme fatale white outfit. Actually, after teenage years, no person have stroke me with their style. Rihanna or Beyonce are major ones, yet for me they represent the next step in Madonna's bold era. The era of strong women. As a grown up woman, my personality has developed quite independently of style icons. Till now.

Julie Pelipas is a fashion editor of Vogue Ukraine. She resumes that quiet beauty, innocent yet sinning. Her resemblance makes you weak, suddenly doubting all your shopping decisions. Of course, her slim long body makes it even “worse”. For seconds, I need to be her. Funny thought in my mind, the thinking I would have never expected in my life.

In my retrospective of styling, I honestly recall the last wish to change. Yes, I wanted to completely change my appearance. I still do. After giving birth, I feel that my closet doesn't fit me anymore. Probably hormonal thing or a middle age crisis? Whatever it is, do I need to follow my thinking... How long do I have to wait till I can declare it permanent?

Further on, we raise doubts about anyone's style change credibility. Style icons have existed since forever, although their impact might be negative as well, especially for many people who are less decisive or lazy to »grow« their own style. As much as I adore Julie, I also feel averse towards her, as she resembles a threat to my style. To my life to be exact. That fear that you'll lose the control over your mind. Just as you feared knowing when you became a mother that the overall self-superiority of your life was over.

This is one part of me I am struggling with. Well, on the other, sunny side of my human being, there is me, who likes to find help, who would appreciate role models. 'Cause, to be honest, for visual artist the chance not to notice others with possible side-effects is actually a impossible. Seeing something is always an inception to our own aesthetics. Just imagine our brains' codes labirint.

So, is searching online for these specific clothes for my style change a sign of a credibility? Can I move on with still buying them? Is there any book about this particular case of behavior? Have you experienced it? I will definitely keep you posted.

“Show me your Clothes, and I will tell you Who You Are!“