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Gender equality

27 days ago in SoF choice

Fighting Gender Equality with Nipples

I always wondered if there is a hidden meaning to women who decide to show off their niples underneath their clothes. Provoking audience is the first obvious reason, but could there be more to it? Is it bravery? Artistic expression? Leave aside female celebrities which intentionally pick their provocative roles of regular public “nipple-ing“, like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, Hadid sisters, Rihanna,... Others have done it also, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, JLo,.. Mainly on the red carpet though, not in the street.

Yet there is one and only queen of nipples, remember? Our dear friend in Friends, Jennifer Aniston. My first intention was to write about this 90’s Jen & Brad appearance, with eyes on her white suit. Later on as I’ve been searching for more old photos of them, my focus targeted Jen’s typical, without bra, T-shirt looks. Yes, she has beautiful breasts, indeed. Well stereotypically attractive, just right shaped, with perfect sized nipples. Or? I’m not the breasts profesional analysts, if this occupation even existed, but we all now the public's “measurements“ of “ideal“ women body. Before I start digging into nipples theories, shall we shortly jump back to that white coat/jacket/trousers cocktail mix, Jennifer wore back while still with Brad Pitt? I like the idea of a white suit. It is perfect for every special occasion. Therefore, it needs to be re-done instantly. While today the typical tuxedo suit is much more desirable, the idea of wearing a longer jacket or even a white coat is appealing.

Aniston’s manner of style has never been on my watch list of celebrities. I struggle with her style, quite generic, nothing to impress, nothing to improve my dressing habits. Aleluja, here comes the nipples rescuer, giving her an award for the nipple style queen. She before all others. Kim must still learn a lot from her, wouldn’t you agree? What was her motivation? Did a man talk her into it? Was it her own idea? Oh Gosh, we need to know that, it is important for women history, right?! My prejudice has blinded my wider point of nipples view. My basic instincts would rather prevent any women’s nipples exhibit whatsoever, rising not from shaming our bodies, but rather from protecting women to be labeled as “cheap“, easy prey. But taking into consideration the fact that merely the Western culture lets women show off this body part or even any body part, makes me wonder if breasts exposure in fact represents our secret weapon in gender equality war.

At times, when Instagram makes women breasts a tabu theme, with prohibition of showing them, this started to puzzle me even more. It really is an ignorant move of Instagram, leaving us all devastated. With the Time is up and Future is Female movements on one side and Instagram's witch hunting on the other side, it all seems like a thriller, a joke. In these absurd circumstances, Jennifer Aniston is to be seen as our general, captain, leading and teaching all of us female warriors how to show as much nipples as possible and posting breasts on Instagram without any shame, keeping in mind the fact that men are allowed to show exactly the same part of body on that same massive influencing media. So, “free the nipples” it is!!!

“Use Style as a weapon to express Yourself and your Vision!“