Simona Lampe Collections

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The world is not black and white and there are no winners or losers in the competition between human vs. nature: balance and sustainable cooperation must win.

The Slovenian designer Simona Lampe addressed businesswomen for the third time and invited them to participate in the fashion show ‘Recycled III’. This time, she has created the so-called ‘Checkmate’ collection, using more than a hundred used clothes, thereby making an allusion to our unreasonable competition with the nature.

The Recycling project began in 2009 and is based on recycling clothes donated by the Slovenian woman managers. It is primarily about spreading environmental awareness in business fashion, but also about economising. The collection of recycled clothes includes clothes which observe the concept of rationality by being multifunctional. Lampe firmly believes that recycled and multifunctional clothing will also become fashion guidelines.

"Fashion as Industry may disappoint, but Fashion as Art should inspire."