Birdman of Celine

Celine Dion backwards

9 days ago in SoF choice

On the first of January I picked an evening movie, intentionally or coincidently? This instantly opens to a debate whether or not the fate exists. However my intention here is not to round up the question I gamble with more than half of my life. I envy people who have come to determined answer with regard to fate. Can there be an absolute yes or no? Can? If so, I'd picked Yes. This beautifully monstrous life we live has too many surprises prepared for each of 7 billion people living on our planet. Imagine the vast implications. Imagine!

My first movie in 2019 was Birdman or The unexpected virtue of ignorance by Alejandro González Inarritu. For me the unexpected brilliance of our endless life expectation. The perfect food for my complicated mentality. I intend to use it as a reference in many more articles. 

Why I need it here? The movie exposes a critic/actor relationship in a way it bothers me ever since reading the first critic in a magazine. Why would someone want to become a critic? How can they impose such power to public opinion? Think, and mirror the two sides into fashion industry. Suzy Menkes, Cathy Horyn, Vanessa Friedman,  Anna Wintour,... The journalists, editors, who says who's collection is “good or bad”. Who's appearance on the red carpet was right who's wrong. No matter how much each fashion designer strive to provide the best, the review is each one's fate in hands of fashion critics. Based on what? Why them? 

This (in)famous look of Celine Dion in 1999 was a subject to many bad reviews. The creation of John Galliano for Dior was ahead of a time, somehow predicting the future of him as today's designer of Maison Martin Margiela brand.

But we all are part of the fashion visual arts. You and me. What is your review of Dion’s tuxedo worn backwards? Grotesque? Funky? Avantgarde? Sexy? Amazingly each pair of eyes will see it differently. Beauty is only a state of mind. Unless your self esteem doesn't need a majority of viewers to approve it, you're ready set go. You rock, you blossom, you shine, you wear the right outfit, you design the good collection. You must know, before they do. Celine Dion has been proving her credibility of this past fashion choice for last two years now. Her white tuxedo labeled her authority, she didn't frighten of exposing herself. She became an icon, she represent fashion now more than ever.

And I know I must replicate this god damn extraordinary outfit from Celine Dion. Birdman would understand. This is destined.


“Use Style as a weapon to express Yourself and your Vision!“