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Can androgyny be sexy? 

Fashion’s tendency towards mixing genders is growing visibly on the catwalk, with both the models’ selections and the designs of the collections. The trend of blurring the line between the differences in women’s and men’s bodies is getting stronger, probably on the basis of paralleling it with the wish of the world to become one, without discrimination and inequalities. Though one could never adopt it as mainstream, or …?


Those are clothes designed for males and females … clothes only. Yet their message is spreading the liberating idea of breaking people’s traditional stereotypes. It is mirroring the current state of the mind globally. We’ve been struggling with inequality issues for centuries, and again “Brexit“ and “Trump“ have happened and kicked us back to the reality that we still have some hard work to do. 


I myself was faced with the androgynous cut when I was upcycling men’s suits. I found it tremendously challenging to transition them into women’s creations while keeping the typical men’s characteristics. The same question as for sustainability appears again: “Can androgyny be sexy?“ See the photos and judge for yourself.


Actually, I need to shout out that there is no real unisex fashion style without the re-design of pre-worn men’s suits. There’s something sexy about it…  Many brands are using men’s design to incorporate them into the women's collection. Yet there is an upscale androgyny experience as soon as you dare to wear a real “pre-owned by men suit re-designed for you“ creation.


So, women, poke around a man’s closet – you’re sure to have one around – and find a piece you can take to your local seamstress to get re-designed. It’s a call for liberation and sustainability at the same time, so you have no excuse either way. You will find some ideas here, and in the following posts. Furthermore, I will be happy to help you with re-design ideas, just send me pictures of the old clothes you want to up-cycle to 

“Choose well, start Restyling & Redesigning; it's part of Fashion Sustainability.“